Boone Open Bible Church
Open Bible Church Boone Iowa
Open Bible Church Boone Iowa

Get Connected

We have many opportunities for community at Boone Open Bible Church. When we say "get connected", we mean two things:

  1. Surrounding yourself with a group of people who care about you, support you, and encourage you
  2. Being a part of a team that is working together to make a difference in our community and around the world

Small Groups

Come To The Table - Women's Small Group
Discipleship 1:1
Men's Bible Study
Sewing For Him


Children's Ministry
Youth Ministry
Small Groups
Worship Team
Food Pantry
Men's Ministries
Women's Ministries
Compassion Cafe
Clean Team
Kids Club
The Open Word

Email Lists

Periodically, we send out prayer requests, announcements, or other notices to people who are interested in what's going on in our church. Anyone can subscribe to our email list and receive these emails from us.

Lists you can subscribe to

Prayer Requests

These are requests from people from inside or outside our church, asking us to pray for their situations. Follow-ups are also posted if the information is available.


These are general announcements of things happening in the church.

External Announcements

These are announcements that come from sources outside the church, but things we might be interested in.

Church Directory

Instant Church Directory Mobile App

We host our church directory with a mobile app called Instant Church Directory. Once your email address is in our church directory, you can download the app and log in using that email address.

PDF Document

The directory is also available as a PDF document. The document is password-protected; contact the church office to get the password.

Quarterly ministry schedule