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Song Title Date
Above All - Flute4/5/2012
Agnus Dei - Flute4/5/2012
Alive - Flute5/24/2014
Alive, Alive - Flute4/5/2012
All Hail King Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name - Flute4/5/2012
Alleluia - Flute (2 parts)4/5/2012
Amazing Grace (24) - Flute4/5/2012
Amazing Grace (A) - Flute4/5/2012
Amazing Grace (F) - Flute4/5/2012
Amazing Grace (G) - Flute4/5/2012
Ancient of Days - Flute4/5/2012
Angels From the Realms of Glory - Flute4/5/2012
Angels We Have Heard on High - Flute4/5/2012
As The Deer - Flute (2 parts)4/5/2012
At the Cross - Flute4/5/2012
Away in a Manger - Flute4/5/2012
Awesome God - Flute4/5/2012
Awesome Is Our God - Flute4/5/2012
Battle Hymn of the republic - Flute4/5/2012
Be Bold, Be Strong - Flute4/5/2012
Be Exalted O God - Flute4/5/2012
Beautiful One - Flute4/5/2012
Because He Lives - Flute4/5/2012
Better Is One Day - Flute4/5/2012
Blessed Be God - Flute4/5/2012
Blessed Be Your Name - Flute4/5/2012
Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty - Flute4/5/2012
Breathe - Flute4/5/2012
Came to My Rescue - Flute10/5/2013
Celebrate Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
Change My Heart, O God - Flute4/5/2012
Christ Arose - Flute4/5/2012
Christ is Come - Flute12/11/2017
Christ is Risen - Flute4/12/2014
Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Flute4/18/2014
Come Holy Spirit (fall fresh) - Flute4/5/2012
Come Holy Spirit - Flute4/5/2012
Come Into His Presence - Flute4/5/2012
Come Into the Holy of Holies - Flute4/5/2012
Come Just As You Are - Flute4/5/2012
Come On Ring Those Bells - Flute4/5/2012
Come Unto Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
Come to the Family - Flute4/5/2012
Come, Now is the Time to Worship - Flute4/5/2012
Communion Song - Flute4/5/2012
Count Your Blessings - Flute4/5/2012
Crown Him With Many Crowns (D) - Flute4/5/2012
Crown Him With Many Crowns - Flute4/5/2012
Days of Elijah - Flute9/11/2014
Doxology - Flute4/5/2012
Draw Me Close - Flute10/31/2015
Emmanuel (MW Smith) - Flute12/14/2019
Emmanuel - Flute4/5/2012
Enough - Flute5/19/2018
Everlasting God - Flute4/5/2012
Every Move I Make - Flute4/5/2012
Famous One - Flute4/5/2012
Fear Not - Flute4/5/2012
Firm Foundation (G) - Flute4/5/2012
Firm Foundation - Flute4/5/2012
For You Alone Are Worthy to be Praised - Flute4/5/2012
For Your Glory - Flute4/5/2012
Forever Grateful - Flute4/5/2012
Freedom Reigns - Flute4/5/2012
From the Inside Out - Flute11/8/2014
Frontlines - Flute7/23/2022
Garment of Praise - Flute4/5/2012
Give God the Glory - Flute4/5/2012
Give Thanks to the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
Give Us Clean Hands - Flute4/5/2012
Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) - Flute12/8/2012
Glory to the Lamb - Flute4/5/2012
Go, Tell It on the Mountain - Flute4/5/2012
God Will Make a Way - Flute4/5/2012
God is Great - Flute4/6/2013
God is So Good - Flute4/5/2012
God is So Good and Kind - Flute4/5/2012
God of All - Flute5/14/2017
God of This City - Flute4/5/2012
God of Wonders - Flute4/5/2012
God, you Are My God - Flute4/5/2012
Grace Flows Down - Flute4/5/2012
Grace Like Rain - Flute4/5/2012
Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Flute4/5/2012
Great and Mighty is He - Flute4/5/2012
Hail Hail the Lamb of God - Flute4/5/2012
Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) - Flute4/5/2012
Hallelujah to the Lamb - Flute4/5/2012
Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Flute4/5/2012
Have Thine Own Way - Flute4/5/2012
He Is (the light that leads us) - Flute5/22/2017
He Is - Flute4/5/2012
He Is Exalted - Flute4/5/2012
He Is Here - Flute4/5/2012
He Is Lord - Flute4/5/2012
He Is Our Captain - Flute4/5/2012
He Is the King - Flute4/5/2012
He Is the King of Kings - Flute4/5/2012
He Lives - Flute3/28/2015
He Reigns - Flute4/5/2012
He Set Me Free - Flute4/5/2012
Healing Rain - Flute4/5/2012
Hear Us From Heaven - Flute4/5/2012
Help Me to Hear You - Flute4/5/2012
Holy Are You Lord - Flute (D)4/5/2012
Holy Are You Lord - Flute4/5/2012
Holy Holy Holy - Flute4/5/2012
Holy Is Your Love - Flute4/5/2012
Holy Is the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
Holy is the Lord of Hosts - Flute4/5/2012
Hope of the Nations - Flute4/5/2012
Hosanna (I See the King of Glory) - Flute9/1/2013
Hosanna - Flute4/5/2012
Hosanna in the Highest - Flute4/5/2012
Hosanna to the King - Flute4/5/2012
How Great Thou Art - Flute4/5/2012
How Wondrous You Are - Flute4/5/2012
Hungry - Flute4/5/2012
I Am Not Ashamed - Flute4/5/2012
I Am Set Free - Flute9/18/2016
I Am the God the Healeth Thee - Flute4/5/2012
I Believe the Promise - Flute4/5/2012
I Came to Worship You - Flute4/5/2012
I Can Only Imagine - Flute4/5/2012
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever - Flute4/5/2012
I Extol You - Flute4/5/2012
I Give You My Heart - Flute4/5/2012
I Lift My Hands - Flute4/5/2012
I Live - Flute4/5/2012
I Love You Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
I Need You More - Flute1/4/2014
I Sing Praises - Flute4/5/2012
I Surrender All - Flute4/5/2012
I Want To Be Where You Are - Flute4/5/2012
I Want to Be More Like You - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Come and Bow Down - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Crown You Lord - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Exalt Your Name - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Follow - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Lift My Eyes - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Praise Him - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Praise You in the Presence - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Rejoice - Flute4/5/2012
I Will Worship You - Flute4/5/2012
I Worship You, Almighty God - Flute4/5/2012
I'll Praise You Lord - Flute4/5/2012
I'm Not Ashamed - Flute4/5/2012
In Christ Alone - Flute3/9/2013
In Him We Live and Move - Flute4/5/2012
In His Presence - Flute4/5/2012
In My Life Lord - Flute4/5/2012
In the Presence of Jehovah - Flute4/5/2012
Indescribable - Flute5/7/2017
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear - Flute4/5/2012
It Is the Cry of My Heart - Flute4/5/2012
It's Not by Might nor Power - Flute4/5/2012
It's all about Jesus - Flute8/30/2014
Jehovah-Jireh - Flute4/5/2012
Jesus Messiah - Flute4/5/2012
Jesus You Are - Flute4/5/2012
Jesus, Name Above All Names - Flute4/5/2012
Jesus, the King of All Kings - Flute4/5/2012
Joy - Flute6/11/2016
Joy in My Heart - Flute4/5/2012
Joy to the World - Flute4/5/2012
Kids of the Holy One - Flute4/5/2012
King of Glory - Flute4/5/2012
King of My Heart - Flute1/18/2018
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Flute (F)4/28/2012
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Flute (G)4/28/2012
Let God Arise - Flute4/5/2012
Let It Rise - Flute4/5/2012
Let it be Known - Flute2/4/2018
Let the Fire Fall - Flute4/5/2012
Let the Praises Ring - Flute4/5/2012
Let the Redeemed - Flute4/5/2012
Let the River Flow - Flute4/5/2012
Lift Up Your Heads - Flute4/5/2012
Light the Fire - Flute4/5/2012
Look What the Lord Has Done - Flute4/5/2012
Lord I Lift Your Name on High - Flute4/5/2012
Lord I Need You (Waldo) - Flute4/5/2012
Lord We Come to Give You Honor - Flute4/5/2012
Lord We Praise You - Flute4/5/2012
Lord, Reign in Me - Flute4/5/2012
Love Lifted Me - Flute8/31/2013
Made to Worship - Flute4/5/2012
Majesty - Flute4/5/2012
Make Us One - Flute4/5/2012
Meet With Me - Flute6/11/2015
Mighty Savior - Flute4/5/2012
Mighty Warrior - Flute4/5/2012
Mighty is Our God - Flute4/5/2012
More Love, More Power - Flute4/5/2012
More of You (At Your Feet) - Flute4/5/2012
More of You - Flute4/5/2012
Move By Your Spirit - Flute4/5/2012
My Life Is in You Lord - Flute4/5/2012
My Redeemer Lives - Flute4/5/2012
My Savior My God - Flute4/5/2012
Never Once - Flute3/16/2014
New Thing - Flute4/5/2012
No Higher Calling - Flute4/5/2012
No One Like You - Flute4/5/2012
No Sweeter Name - Flute7/27/2013
No Weapon Formed - Flute4/5/2012
None But Jesus - Flute11/27/2016
Nothing But the Blood (Redman) - Flute4/7/2012
Nothing But the Blood - Flute4/5/2012
Nothing Compares With You - Flute4/5/2012
Nothing is Too Difficult - Flute4/5/2012
O Come All Ye Faithful - Flute4/5/2012
O Come Let Us Adore Him (DEF) - Flute12/8/2013
O Come Let Us Adore Him (FG) - Flute12/11/2016
O Come Let Us Adore Him - Flute4/5/2012
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Flute4/5/2012
O How He Loves You and Me - Flute4/5/2012
O Lord Our Lord - Flute4/5/2012
O Lord, You're Beautiful - Flute4/5/2012
O the Blood of Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
Offering - Flute4/5/2012
Oil of Gladness - Flute4/5/2012
One Thing Remains - Flute4/5/2012
One of Us - Flute4/5/2012
Only By Grace - Flute4/5/2012
Only You - Flute4/5/2012
Onward, Christian Soldiers - Flute4/5/2012
Open the Eyes of My Heart - Flute4/5/2012
Our God - Flute4/5/2012
Our God Reigns - Flute4/5/2012
Pour Out Your Spirit on Me - Flute4/5/2012
Praise the Name of Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
Praise the Name of Jesus Praise the Son of God - Flute4/5/2012
Rain of Heaven - Flute4/5/2012
Raise Up an Army - Flute4/5/2012
Rescue - Flute5/29/2014
Revival Fire Fall - Flute4/5/2012
Revive Us, Lord - Flute4/5/2012
Rock of Ages - Flute4/5/2012
Shine Jesus Shine - Flute4/5/2012
Shout to the Lord - Flute1/21/2019
Shout to the North - Flute4/5/2012
Show Your Power - Flute4/5/2012
Silent Night - Flute4/5/2012
Sing Praises Unto God - Flute4/5/2012
Sing Sing Sing - Flute4/5/2012
Sing to God - Flute4/5/2012
Sing to the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
So Good To Me - Flute4/5/2012
Song for the Nations - Flute4/5/2012
Spirit of the Living God - Flute4/5/2012
Standing on the Promises - Flute4/5/2012
Sweep Me Away - Flute4/5/2012
Take Me In - Flute4/5/2012
Take My Life (Holiness) - Flute4/5/2012
Thank You Lord - Flute4/5/2012
The Anthem - Flute4/5/2012
The Battle Belongs to the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
The Greatest Thing - Flute4/5/2012
The Heart of Worship - Flute1/2/2016
The Lord Almighty Reigns - Flute4/5/2012
The Lord Reigneth - Flute4/5/2012
The Lord Reigns - Flute4/5/2012
The Lord is Worthy to be Praised - Flute4/5/2012
The More I Seek You - Flute10/11/2014
The Name of the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
The Old Rugged Cross - Flute4/5/2012
The River Is Here - Flute4/5/2012
The Solid Rock - Flute4/5/2012
The Sound of Joyful Shouting - Flute4/5/2012
The Stand - Flute4/5/2012
The Wonderful Cross - Flute4/5/2012
There Is None Like You - Flute4/5/2012
There is Power in the Blood - Flute4/5/2012
There is Something About That Name - Flute4/5/2012
This Is How We Overcome - Flute4/5/2012
This is the Day - Flute4/5/2012
Through Our God - Flute4/5/2012
Thy Word - Flute7/26/2014
Til I See You - Flute6/21/2014
To God Be the Glory (34) - Flute4/5/2012
To God Be the Glory (44) - Flute4/5/2012
To Know Your Name - Flute4/5/2012
Together in Eternity - Flute4/5/2012
Trading My Sorrows - Flute4/5/2012
Trust and Obey - Flute8/26/2012
Trust in the Lord - Flute4/5/2012
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Flute4/5/2012
Victory Chant - Flute4/5/2012
We Believe - Flute3/27/2015
We Bow Down - Flute4/5/2012
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise - Flute4/5/2012
We Exalt Thee - Flute4/5/2012
We Want to See Jesus Lifted High - Flute4/5/2012
We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory - Flute4/5/2012
We're the People of God - Flute4/5/2012
What a Mighty God We Serve - Flute4/5/2012
Whose Report Will You Believe - Flute4/5/2012
With All My Heart - Flute8/18/2013
Wonderful Merciful Savior - Flute4/5/2012
Worthy Is the Lamb - Flute4/5/2012
Worthy O Worthy - Flute4/5/2012
Worthy, You Are Worthy - Flute4/5/2012
Yes, Lord, Yes - Flute4/5/2012
You Are Crowned With Many Crowns - Flute4/5/2012
You Are God Alone - Flute4/5/2012
You Are Good (I want to scream it out) - Flute1/12/2015
You Are Good - Flute4/5/2012
You Are So Good to Me - Flute4/5/2012
You Have Been Given - Flute4/5/2012
You are My Everything - Flute4/5/2012
You are Worthy of My Praise - Flute4/5/2012
Your Name - Flute4/5/2012